Our conditions

What do we offer? AIAEM offers you the chance to do an internship in our company or in other company in Ireland, Spain, Romania and Poland. You can take a look at our offers in the home page.

Is there an internship fee? Yes, there is a fee that students have to pay. The amount depends on the duration of the internship, the city and the type of internship.

When do I have to pay this fee? You have to pay it at the beginning of the internship, but never in advance.

Is it mandatory to do the internship under the Erasmus+ programme or other programme? No, it is not mandatory. You can also do the internship without any curricular or educational programme.

What other services does the fee include? We also provide students with:

  • An acceptance letter
  • A traineeship certificate.
  • A letter of recommendation
  • Flexibility during the internship (which can allow you to do other activities while doing your internship)
  • A learning agreement in case you want to do the internship under the Erasmus+ programme.
  • Other documentation and paperwork with your university or Erasmus department.
  • An educational agreement with your university in case you want to do the internship under a curricular programme.
  • Additional documentation from AIAEM needed to apply for a visa (this may increase the price). For example, to issue a letter of acceptance addressed to a consulate. This doesn’t include carrying out visa paperwork with consulates or immigration offices. AIAEM also does not provide translation services.
  • Advice in finding accommodation. We can recommend you some websites and give you some tips about it.