Living expenses and more

In Madrid, Spain

If you want to come to Madrid take into account:

Currency: In Spain the currency is Euros €.

Transport: Madrid has a good public transport. If you are under 26 years old, you just have to get the transport card and to pay 20€ for using all public transport (buses and trains) for 30 days. This is the website to book an appointment and get the card: (Is in Spanish, so you should translate it into English with google)

Food: Usually is cheap. In Madrid you can find restaurants and supermarkets with a broad range of prices.

Language classes: If you want to learn Spanish we recommend you Paraninfo Academy, located in the centre of Madrid. Follow this link to visit the academy:

Accommodation: Prices varies depending on where you want to be in Madrid. Prices for a room with basic services included (also internet), varies from 350 € till whatever you want to pay. You can stay 40 or 50 minutes from the centre of Madrid and maybe find a room for less 350 €. If you are under 26 years old, you won’t spend a lot of money commuting.
When booking a room, we recommend you not to make big deposits in advance. Pictures may also be fake in important websites. Therefore, try to make sure and find trustable agencies and landlords.
Here are some websites useful to find a room in Madrid:–Spain

In Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is one of the most popular cities in Europe, and its living expenses are reflecting this position. In terms of food prices, basic lunch price is around 13 EUR. Try to avoid touristy places if you want to save some money.

When talking about weekly shopping, the average price is 80-100 EUR if you choose to shop in local low price grocery shops such as Lidl, Aldi or Tesco. You can find variety of quality products for a reasonable prices.

Bus transportation costs from 1,55 EUR to 3,8 EUR, but you need to keep in mind that the price is calculated by distance. The tram fares range from €2.10 for one zone up to €3.30 for 8 zones. If you are interested in a monthly ticket, it will cost 140 EUR and it provides unlimited travel.

Accommodation: However, Dublin is well known for the difficulty to find a rent accommodation. For the last several years, Dublin has been fighting with housing crisis. There is an increased demand for rental places, which resulted in Dublin being in the world’s 10 most expensive places to rent. For example, a rented furnished two-bedroom flat in around 2000 EUR/month.
People are using Facebook groups and online websites for finding accommodation. Few of the most used ones are and Sometimes you can find shared rooms (3 beds in a room) for 400 EUR a month with all basic services included. 

In Warsaw, Poland

Information about transport from airport to city centre. 

Chopin Airport is very close to the city center. The total trip with a car usually takes around 20 minutes. Luckily, there are more options:

1- TAXI: the price is around 9,50€, depending on the traffic you may encounter. You can download an app called ‘MyTaxi’. If you have a code from someone – you are getting a free ‘50zl’ (12€) ride that will literally allow you to get anywhere you want for free. This code can used only once for one ride.

2- UBER: it’s semilegal in Poland, you’ll save a few PLN and know you arrive safe and sound (it’s cheaper that Taxi). If you download for the first time the app you can use some PROMOCODE to get discounts, check on this page

3- BUS: there are 5 bus routes: bus 175, 188, 148, 331, N32. The price for a 20 minutes ticket is 3,40 PLN (you can purchase the ticket on board to the driver). 

4- RAIL: the easiest way to reach downtown Warsaw, by taking either S2 (to downtown Warsaw) or S3 line (to Central Railway Station). You may purchase your ticket at the Passenger

Information Point, which is located in the arrivals hall, at the ticket machines located next to the station, or from the ticket machines available in the train.

Information about transport

The Capital of Poland boasts an efficient transport system that connects the entire city in a capillary way. There are many common features across Polish buses and trams. Each city has a slightly different system of ticketing and fares, so be prepared to watch what the locals do
and do likewise. All public transportation tickets can be purchased at ZTM points, in some newspaper kiosks and at ticket machines located in the metro stations, where tickets can be purchased with either cash or debit cards. Below are some points where you can pay for the public transport season ticket:
1. point at the ZTM premises Żelazna street No. 61; Monday – Friday 7:00 – 20:00
2. CHOPIN AIRPORT ✈ Terminal A – Arrival – pavilon 1.810/811; Every day 7:00 am – 20:00 pm
3. DWORZEC CENTRALNY (central railway station) point is in located in the main hall of the station; every day 6:00 –

Information about accommodation

Accommodation prices is around 600/700pln (around 140-160 euros) per month in a share bedroom. Bear in mind that the number of room is limited. First to arrive, first to be served.

SECOND OPTION: Shared apartment.
Four sites are useful:
• (both sites are in Polish, you just have to translate with your laptop);

Emergency numbers

In cases of immediate emergency, it is necessary to contact the toll-free number 112 – service in English and Polish. Also, you can contact e following numbers: