AIAEM Internship
Our programme in Madrid

AIAEM helps you to find a suitable internship in Madrid, Spain. We are in contact with companies looking for international interns in different working areas, such us Law, Management, Web Design, Translation, Secretarial work and Marketing. You must speak English or Spanish in order to do an internship.

Our program includes the following services
  1. A company to perform your internship
  2. A Skype interview with our admission team
  3. An acceptance letter
  4. A Learning agreement (Erasmus+ program included if the student is entitled to it)
  5. Support local team.
  6. Flexibility during the internship.
  7. Traineeship certificate.
  8. Letter of recommendation

*The acceptance letter and learning agreement will help you to accelerate the process to get a visa, in case you need one to come to Spain.

Prices for the Internships

The prices for our programmes are never paid in advance, and they depend on the duration of the internship. If you want more information about our prices please contact us to: