AIAEM Internship

AIAEM Internship is an officially registered Spanish NPO with rich experience in coordinating European educational projects. We help students to find the perfect internship position for them, where they can feel confident, develop their knowledge and skills and fulfill their true potential.

AIAEM has been a bridge between higher educational institutions, students and business for the past 4 years – time in which over 60 students from around the world have trusted us and have found their desired internship position in Spain. During this period we have collaborated with various universities from Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa such as University of Oxford, University of Warsaw, Sofia University, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași, University of Crete, Mykolas Romeris University, University of Central Lancashire, among others. 

Throughout our experience we got to know in details all the administrative procedures accompanying the realization of an exchange program. This means we are able to provide the sending universities with all the required documentation regarding the internship. We are always there to help incoming students with documentation they might need in order to obtain a Spanish visa.

AIAEM has also participated in other European programs – one of the founders of the company – Elio Laureano is a mentor at EOI (Escuela de Organización Industrial) as a part of the European Coworking program in Lugo.

We at AIAEM would like to continue doing what we do best – connect education and business, which is why we are always open to collaborations in new educational projects with Universities and other types of educational institutions from all around the world.